Isnin, 25 Mei 2009

Between Pretty and Beautiful

Everyone knows that the meaning of pretty and beautiful. Isn’t it? But how many of you know the different between both things? I like to share to all of you the different between pretty and beautiful.

Some said that “hey, she is pretty!”,

Some others people said “hey she is beautiful..!”

Do all of you spot the different? (Neglect the different in spelling and the structure of the sentence.)

I bet some of you cannot spot the different because it looks like similar in the meaning, isn’t it? But the truth is there is a different between them. I still remember the statements that I heard from my secondary teacher when I am 17 years old (Form 5). She said “Pretty is not beautiful and beautiful is not pretty”. Why?

This is because she said that pretty is about the thing related to the appearance on someone. But beautiful is more to the value that exist in our heart such as kind, gentle, honest and many more. Someone who has the criteria like I said before are likely have the beautiful and this kind of “appearance” can seen by other people who are have the same feeling or personality. Everyone can look pretty. This is because everyone can make over him or her appearance and make their image look more stylish or more attractive by doing some treatment or surgery. (If we neglect the price of the treatment).

I wonder if your age is 17 and above, you must’ve read the famous poem by William Shakespeare. The title of the poem is Sonnet 18. I think the title is sounds like that, because I did not really remember about the poem. It’s look like I have been about 3 years that never read the English literature book or anything like that. But why so suddenly I want to talk about the thing that I’ve leave for a long time ago?

If all of you ask me that kind of question, I have nothing to answer. I’m just wanted to talk about the topic that I want to share to all of you. And again I want to tell you that I’m just want to improve my style of writing in English, because I have too. So, what did you expect? Okay, back to the topic.

I like to discuss about the word pretty first. The meaning of pretty is attractive, cute, nice-looking and etc. I wonder if we refer to the thesaurus about the meaning of the word pretty. It really shows and proved that pretty is related to the appearance on someone. It is related to the outside physical on man or woman. But if we look at the meaning of beautiful it has a little bit different.

The meaning of beautiful is good-looking, gorgeous, and fine-looking. It does again almost look similar to the word pretty. But, I want to highlight or focus on the word “fine-looking”. In my opinion, it likely has the implicit meaning and it’s like to show us in such a “hidden” way. It says, “Fine”. It’s mean well, very well. Which mean it is have a highest grade or level than pretty. Although the terms “fine-looking” show the different between this both terms. There is a little bit confusion when we look again at the word pretty. That is because it also give a meaning of beautiful. (I thought some of you must be not understand and feel annoyance when read this). Why the meaning of pretty is also beautiful? For me, in my opinion, it want us to think that it also give other implicit meaning. What it is? I think I want to leave this question for you.
So, last but not least. I want to advice you that if someone says that you are pretty, doesn’t mean that you’re beautiful. So, if you want to be beautiful, you must take care of behavior and action.

P/s: Oh god, a student like me not supposes to produce this type or style of writing. It can be better than this.

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Nur Farhana berkata...

I am beautiful but yet pretty.. Hahaha.. Lama x denga cite dik.. How's life skarang? Heehee.. =)

SaF_FreNsiCk berkata...

macam tu lah,
biasa jek, tak ada yang best....
akak pulak?

Nur Farhana berkata...

Heehee.. Ok laa tuh.. Akak busy sket lately nih.. Al maklumlah.. Final bulan 7.. Pastu nk msuk 4th year daa.. Busy2 pn blog jugak.. Adoi.. Hahaha..


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